Go programming language

Go programming language

If you want to design a site, it is better to start the process of entering the online world with the help of updated and new programming languages. Business owners often use the Ruby programming language. Because it speeds up the process of designing a dedicated site. But why use Golang programming language?

The site designers believe that Golang, abbreviated to Go; Suitable for designing sites with high security and speed. In addition, with this language, you do not need to use a lot of Python, Bundler, Redis and other programming languages ​​to design the site. In this article, we will take a closer look at this language and its pros and cons. (Website design in Mashhad)

What is the Go programming language?
Go is an open source programming language that statically generates binary code. The site developers say that Go language, like C language, is evolving for the 21st century. However, this new programming language includes tools that allow you to use it safely.

The Go language was first introduced to the world in 2009. Its main purpose was to integrate the best features of other programming languages. These features include:

Ease of use along with the most advanced productivity
High performance with static typing
Advanced performance for networking and full use of multi-core energy

What are the benefits of using Go language for your project?
Why is Go language so popular? The language began to grow dramatically almost as soon as it was released in 2009. At first, it was ranked 65th among all programming languages ​​in the world, but it quickly moved from 65th to the top rankings of programming languages ​​worldwide. Then Business Insider named Go the most popular programming language of 2016. According to the TIOBE index, the Go ranking had many ups and downs in 2017, but steadily increased in 2018.

You may want to know why Go is on the rise? This is because it has the same functionality as C and is much easier to use than Java, because we do not need a virtual machine, warm-up period, JAR, etc.

Benefits of Golang Language
The Golang programming language has many advantages, including:

Less time and cost
If you use Go for your project, you do not need a lot of financial support. Programs created in Go are actually compiled on all code readers and do not require a translator or virtual machine.

Golang is a really flexible language that can solve many problems. You can use it for system and network programming, big data, audio and video editing and more.

Increase user engagement
Like C or C ++, Go is a compiled language that does not need to be translated. Likewise, the lack of a translator gives more power to the Go-built application, which will surely be welcomed by users. In addition, Go knows how to properly manage dedicated memory.

Go language developers
If you take a look at the site developers review in 2018; You will find that Go is one of the top five most popular languages. Many experts are entering the world of Go. According to recent research, in 2018 you could find more than 1,633,000 Go language developers on the market, which is a 60% increase over 2017.

Golang language support
Another advantage of this language is that Go code has clear and orderly syntaxes that require little effort to learn, so the developers you are already working with; They can learn everything they need in just a few days. This allows designers to support your existing application. In addition, Go developers have a large number of online courses available and many tools to work with.

As you can see, Golang has many benefits for business owners and developers, which is one of the reasons why this language is so popular; This is definitely why Go has become so important to companies around the world, including Hootsuite, OPPO and Intercom. However, Go is not a complete language; Therefore, before deciding to use it, you should also consider its drawbacks.

Golang language problems
With so much to learn about the benefits of Go for your projects, you may be wondering why not everyone uses it yet? When development speed and GUI are the top priorities of business owners, they often choose the Ruby language. Why?

The Go creators wanted to make it look like C to simplify the run, and they did. In addition, Go became a great choice for single-page applications, providing all the basic UI elements. However, Golang does not have its own independent GUI library. For you and the developers, this means that a lot of time and knowledge is required to connect the library to your application.


Although Go is still a relatively young programming language, it has become very popular with business giants such as Google, Netflix, and others who use it to scale their products and achieve high performance. Go is growing and evolving rapidly and will definitely replace powerful languages ​​like Python in the near future.

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